Zuckerburg Does it Again

It is amazing How Mark Zuckerburg and Facebook can make two changes that affect culture in the space of 12 hours. That is exactly what has happened. For Cryptocurrency enthusiast, Investors and miners the banning ads for the ICO's or promotions of new coins will likely have some effect on a small part of that community. The second change is the ability to preschedule Instagram ( IG) posts (Note the Angels in the background with Hallelujah chorus) This move will give Digital Marketing Companies and Companies with 3rd party apps freedom to be more time effective and efficient with there marketing strategies. Before now most posts could be scheduled on other social sites and or with 3 rd party vendors. Everything from Facebook to Pinterest. Our thought is that the IG change will give all that use the platform a greater ability to reach their potential demographic without any fear of missing that window of opportunity. The sometimes small segment of time that your audience is on the media scrolling, posting, engaging and open to see your product or service. Big thumbs up to Facebook and the IG team. We hope to see more great things come from this camp in 2018.

hope to see more good changes to that media.

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