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Can your Business thrive Organically with the Facebook changes ?

Mark Zuckerberg announced Jan 11, 2018 that Facebook was changing the way personal interaction will happen in the future with Facebook. The idea is to make interaction between personal Friends family and groups show better in your timelines. This move will be undoubtedly better for the day to day user that wants to see his cousin’s kid at her first prom, because she is 3000 miles away. The way this is to be accomplished is to reduce the visibility of business and random videos that have been shown on your feeds in the past. Logically many will be pleased with this algorithm correction. Now one has to question how will this affect the business owner that has put out good content and has built his brand from this content being organically shared? Will the Facebook team still let this owner still have a bone here and there? Or will he or she have to move to the advertisement model that has been become widely popular with many? Likely the later will become the answer. However even with an ad platform Facebook will be reducing that exposure on timelines as well.

The answer may become for that business owner utilize other platforms that have been growing and have strong Social Media Positions. While it may be good to remain steady with your Organic campaigns it may be a good idea to diversify your Social Media marketing. 2018 will likely bring good and bad change to business in general. Some Social Media Strategists are saying utilize other platforms to focus your efforts. Find a niche within those platforms and then master them to exceed the success you had with Facebook. All in all the recommendation is never put all your eggs in one basket. Utulize as many Social Media Platforms as you can and Share well and Post even better.

Mark T. Lee

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